Fight Club 2 #1 by Chuck Palahniuk Release
Free Comic Book Day 2015 Photos
Guardians of the Galaxy Review


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Harrow County #1. Witches Debt.

Harrow County #1 review There are many types of horror, each depicted in many different ways. I can use movies for the best examples since they're … [Read More...]



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Swords of Sorrow #1. You get a sword! And you get a sword!

Swords of Sorrow #1 review Listen up cosmic nerd farmers, I was given three books to review over the past two weeks and I've ended up putting Swords … [Read More...]


Fight Club 2 #1 by Chuck Palahniuk Release

Fight Club 2 #1 by Chuck Palahniuk Release

FIGHT CLUB 2 RAFFLE WINNERS Eva W.                  1st Prize               Easton Press Full Genuine Leather Bound copy of the original Fight Club with Gilded Page Edges, personally signed by Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club 2 #1 print signed by Chuck Palahniuk and a Severed arm signed by Chuck … [Read More...]

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Photos

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Photos

Cosmic Comics thanks everyone who came out and made Free Comic Book Day 2015 their most successful Free Comic Book Day ever! The line outside before we opened set the stage for the rest of the day as we stayed busy until the doors closed. Thanks to all of the local artists who came out provided free … [Read More...]

2015 Free Comic Book Day Sales & Specials

2015 Free Comic Book Day Sales and Specials

Free Comic Book Day Early Bird Specials Everyone who comes to the shop on Free Comic Book Day, Saturday, May 2nd gets up to four (4) FREE comics from our selection of over 30 ‪‎Free Comic Book Day‬ comics, BUT if you're in line when our doors open you'll get a ticket that allows you to get up to … [Read More...]

Free Comic Book Day 2015

2015 Free Comic Book Day at Cosmic Comics

2015 Free Comic Book Day It's here again! The best day of the year, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! You know we have to outdo last year’s event with an even more massive celebration. This year will be the biggest and most fun yet. If you've never been to Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) then take a look at our past … [Read More...]

Cosmic Comics Board Game Day

Cosmic Comics Board Game Day

Cosmic Comics Board Game Day: An Afternoon of Casual Games On Sunday, March 29th from noon to 4pm, Cosmic Comics is going to host an afternoon of casual board and card games.  Cosmic Comics Board Game Day is a follow-up to MeepleCon 2015, which the store will be attending to help support the local … [Read More...]

Super Munchkin Game Review:

Super Munchkin Game Review: Looting the Villains Lair

Super Munchkin Game Review Whether you're a gamer or not, everyone has heard of the game Dungeons & Dragons. The famous role-playing game (RPG) that conjures up images of nerds rolling dice in their basement. True gamers will argue that's a stereotype. The game of Munchkin fully embraces it. … [Read More...]

Heroclix Game Review

Heroclix Game Review: It’s Like Chess With Superpowers

Heroclix Game Review If you've ever come into the shop on a Saturday afternoon, you know the lounge area gets taken over by a bunch of guys playing a game with little plastic figurines of Spider-Man, Batman, and a whole slew of other comic book characters. The scene can look intimidating to … [Read More...]

Are you ready for the Netflix Original Series Daredevil?

Are you ready for the Netflix Original Series Daredevil?

The Netflix Original Series Daredevil Last week, the Internet was set ablaze when the trailer for the Netflix Original Series Daredevil was released. If you've been living under a rock for the past week, here it is: httpvh:// YouTube Description: "Meet Matt … [Read More...]

Alphabet Back Issue Sale

Alphabet Back Issue Sale

Cosmic Comics is bringing back its wildly popular Alphabet Back Issue Sale! You've been asking for it.  Now it's finally back! From Wednesday, January 28th to Sunday, February 1st, each day we will select different letters of the alphabet and any back issue whose title begins with those letters … [Read More...]

Evil Dead's Las Vegas Blood Drive at Cosmic Comics!

Evil Dead’s Las Vegas Blood Drive at Cosmic Comics!

Las Vegas Blood Drive with Evil Dead Evil Dead the Musical is hosting a blood drive with United Blood Services in the Cosmic Comics parking lot Friday, January 23rd, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. All donors will receive a Cosmic Comics Gift Bag and two tickets to see Evil Dead the Musical which … [Read More...]