Bloodshot Reborn #1. Resurrection of an Anti-Hero

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Bloodshot Reborn #1 review Bloodshot is among Valiant Comic’s many anti-heroes, and arguable the most known and recognizable. It’s a wonder why Valiant decided to nearly remove all of his “power” in The Valiant, their latest mini-epic that I reviewed in high regard thanks to Paulo Rivera’s fantastic art and Jeff Lemire’s story telling, and […]

Rick and Morty #1. Don’t Even Trip Dawg.

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Rick and Morty #1 review Sure I could review Marvels all new Uncanny Inhumans #000 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, not to be confused with every other “All-New” Marvel book it’s just Uncanny Inhumans and it randomly starts at #0. I really like the book by the way, Charles Soule is a fantastic writer […]

We Can Never Go Home #1. Indie Flavor.

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We Can Never Go Home #1 review This week I had the choice to review the newest chapter of Invincible or We Can Never Go Home #1. While they were both pretty great, We Can Never Go Home #1 connected to the things I like best in storytelling. I love the indie genre; film, music, […]

Spawn #250 and Al Simmons Resurrection

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Spawn #250 review Ah yes, Spawn, my childhood’s coming back in view already, the book that didn’t start it all but one I accepted as my favorite. I was nine or 10, those were better times. So Spawn #250 and Spawn: Resurrection are out, did you know that? Of course you did, it was kind […]

Descender #1. Outlaw Android.

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Descender #1 review A united galaxy of over 6 million citizens in harmony with AI is met by Galactus size alien robots who aren’t exactly there to celebrate coexistence. As a reactive species, humans outlaw androids for a decade, but one somehow manages to survive, and thus the continuing struggles of androids and humans begins […]

Super Munchkin Game Review: Looting the Villains Lair

Super Munchkin Game Review:

Super Munchkin Game Review Whether you’re a gamer or not, everyone has heard of the game Dungeons & Dragons. The famous role-playing game (RPG) that conjures up images of nerds rolling dice in their basement. True gamers will argue that’s a stereotype. The game of Munchkin fully embraces it. Munchkin brings the RPG genre to […]

The Black Hood #1. Depressed Much?

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The Black Hood #1 review Black Circle Comics brings back a forgotten hero from the 1970’s, I didn’t even know who the Black Hood was, so maybe forgotten is the wrong word to use in my case, but nevertheless here he is and man is it dark and depressing. A Philly cop attempts to stop […]

Star Wars Darth Vader #1. Sith Failure.

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Darth Vader #1 review Marvel continues to put it’s partnership/ownership of the Star Wars franchise in high gear with the newest Darth Vader #1. Coming in hot off the heals of A New Hope, Darth Vader #1 lets you see Vader at his lowest. With the destruction of the Death Star and his failure to […]

Heroclix Game Review: It’s Like Chess With Superpowers

Heroclix Game Review

Heroclix Game Review If you’ve ever come into the shop on a Saturday afternoon, you know the lounge area gets taken over by a bunch of guys playing a game with little plastic figurines of Spider-Man, Batman, and a whole slew of other comic book characters. The scene can look intimidating to approach, and when […]

Nameless #1. Zirom Trian Ipam Ipamis.

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Nameless #1 review Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham team up again for something a little more cryptic and messed up than the Batman and Robin we’ve seen in the past. Nameless #1 explores the dark worlds of the occult and the doomed distant future. “Nameless”, while he points out is still a name, has the […]

Munchkin #1. Come for the Loots, Stay for the Betrayals.

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Munchkin #1 review Munchkin, the RPG-like card game that I’ve always been curious about but too cheap to buy. Maybe I’m a little complacent in the fact that I really haven’t tried that hard to play it, or maybe I’ve been a little scared to, card games can be confusing, and a game meant for […]

Ant-Man #1. Slackers can be heroes too.

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Ant-Man #1 review So here’s the thing, the internet is cruel beast sometimes, how is this your problem, you ask? We’ll answer that when you’re trying to escape Skynet in 2029, but for the time being, my initial review for Ant-Man #1 was completely deleted when the site crashed last night, sooooo… you now get […]