The Squidder #1 A Different Apocalypse.

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The Squidder #1 review Alright you apocalypse loving ghouls, The Squidder #1 is here to take your precious zombie or Mad Max apocalypse and throw it in the trash. This is a world ruled by a demonic…squid…thing. Ok, so I’ll work on how to describe that later, and I’m sure The Squidder will do so […]

Winter World #1. Not a Winter Wonderland.

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Winter World #1 review Doing the review for Winter World #1 was one of the easier comic book pieces I’ve had to write recently, mainly because the premise is like so many other post apocalyptic tales of despair.  Winter World #1 follows Scully and his teenage sidekick Wynn as they try to survive the frozen […]

Outcast #1. The Power of Kirkman Compels you.

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Outcast #1 review Robert Kirkman escapes the zombie scene and tackles a much more curious and unseen presence. How can I describe Outcast #1 from Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta? I imagine Marty McFly would say its “heavy, doc”, Jack Burton would probably ask “are you out of your mind, wang?”, and Bill & Ted […]

The Wicked + The Divine #1. 1-2-3-4.

the wicked + the divine #1,image comics,review,cosmic comics

The Wicked + The Divine #1 review I spent maybe 15 minutes staring at the blog screen thinking of how I could describe The Wicked + The Divine #1. How I could make sense of young immortal gods who don’t actually live forever. Gods who don’t have any actual powers or that are believed to […]

Infinity Man and the Forever People #1. Toss it into a boom tube.

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Infinity Man and the Forever People #1 review Was anyone honestly anticipating Infinity Man and the Forever People #1? Was Infinity Man ever a “thing”? And I’m not talking about that hunk of a rock that’s part of the Fantastic Four, but actually a real deal? I don’t understand DC Comics logic sometimes. Infinity Man […]

Big Trouble in Little China. Jack Burton and the Pork-Chop Express.

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Big Trouble in Little China #1 Review Jack Burton, your favorite confidence spewing truck driver from hopefully your favorite John Carpenter classic is back in Big Trouble in Little China #1. If it’s not your favorite Carpenter film, then forget you, and if you’ve never seen Big Trouble in Little China, what the hell have […]

Trees #1. Environmentally unfriendly.

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Trees #1 review You remember the War of the Worlds with Tom Cruise, the one with the aliens who would gather all their nutrients from the Earth via strange veiney root system? Trees #1 is kind of like that, without the never aging Tom Cruise, death by bacteria, and any actual mobile aliens. Well, if […]

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1. Why So Serious?

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Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 review Marvel Comics is taking out all of the stops bringing back classic, vintage, and forgotten characters of yesteryear. Unfortunately Shang-Chi, a character I sadly have never heard of, doesn’t receive the comeback treatment in Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1 I assume he deserves. Now since I had […]

The Woods #1. Initiating Test Protocol

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The Woods #1 review High School is hard enough, but try having yours dropped on some random planet, er moon, sorry, full of flesh eating bat things and gawd only knows what else that’s licking its chops and patiently waiting to hunt you down like your some delicious toy. The Woods #1 is exactly that, […]

Southern Bastards #1. Walking Taller.

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Southern Bastards #1 review Image Comics somehow brings out the grungiest, sci fi-est, darkest, and realest books on the market. Besides the sci fi-est word I just made up, Southern Bastards #1 is all of those things. A literal hard hitting book that will probably shake you to the core. Southern Bastards #1 brings Earl […]