April 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

March 2015 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

April Tournament Schedule 4/5: Battle for the Power Plant TWO Power Plants with Disintegration Beam Rings will be handed out! 400pt Modern Age No Resources No Duo Figures The most expensive figure on your force has to be named Iron Man or Real Name Tony Stark Only one Iron Man/Tony Stark character is allowed per force Iron […]

March 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

March 2015 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

March Tournament Schedule 3/1: ComicsPro No Tournament Scheduled 3/8: AvX Month 3 600pt Modern Age Marvel Universe game elements only Returning players keep the same declared keyword New players declare if you are fighting for Avengers or X-Men Min 300pts of your team has to have the declared keyword The most expensive figure on your […]

February 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

March 2015 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

February Tournament Schedule 2/1: LvLUP Expo No Tournament Scheduled 2/8: Fresno ROC Super Q Feeder 300pt Modern Age No Tactics Themed Team mechanics allowed NOTE: The House Highlander Rule is off for this tournament. NOTE: There are house rulings for Silver Centurion. See the event thread in the ROC forums for full details. Entry Fee: […]

Avengers vs X-Men HeroClix Tournament Schedule

Heroclix AvX Month 3

Avengers vs X-Men Heats Up This Winter! The Avengers vs X-Men Heroclix tournament series brings the Popular AvX comic story line to Cosmic Comics! Each player must choose sides and develop their team of either Avengers or X-Men over the four months of the series. Not only will you develop your own Avengers vs X-Men […]

All New X-Men. A Worthy Follow-up to AvX.

all new x-men,marvel comics,cosmic comics

All New X-Men #1 Review Marvel NOW! is almost in full swing and the All New X-Men has hit store shelves this week. What effects has the Phoenix force had on mutant kind, better yet, what effect did it have on the human race? When the Phoenix force was dispersed, it’s powers didn’t just disappear, […]

A+X. Marvel’s Newest Team-Up!

a+x #1,marvel comics,nerd farm blog

A+X #1 Review The Avengers vs X-Men story arc is officially over, the AvX Consequences book is mediocre and Marvel NOW! is almost in full swing. So what is A+X about? Can the two teams suddenly forget what just happened? Shake hands, hug, and then have cake? Marvel says yes. A+X is in a universe […]

New Comics Staff Picks For This Week!

AVX, Avengers vs X-Men, 12

New Comics for October 3rd, 2012 What we’re reading: where the Cosmic Crew talks about a few of the books they look forward to reading this week! Avengers vs X-Men Concludes This 12 issue mini series comes to an end this week. It was spear headed by the best talent Marvel Comics has to offer. […]

Avengers vs X-Men Round 11 Will Blow Your Mind!

Avengers, X-Men

Avengers vs X-Men Round 11 Review **Kind of Spoiler free. You’ve been warned** Marvel has done a fantastic job making every issue ofAvengers vs X-Men gripping and nail biting excitement. I use the word excitement, others would use stressful. No matter what way you look at it, Avengers vs X-Men is one of the strongest series in the […]

AvX Round 10, No One Is Safe.

Avengers, X-Men, Brubaker

Avengers vs X-Men #10 Review The Avengers vs X-Men series is soon sadly coming to end, it won’t happen in round 10, but every move from each faction, like the game of chess, feels more methodical than ever, with life or death consequences. The Phoenix force has left 3 of deceased Phoenix Five making the last two hosts of […]

What We’re Reading


Before Watchmen: Rorschach Begins this week.  Rorschach, portrayed has a fascist and existing in the shadows and filth of the city in Moore and Gibbon’s original Watchmen, is the darkest of all the Watchmen characters. Brian Azzarello is the writer of this 6th Before Watchmen Mini-Series exploring the dark Anti-Hero. Azzarello is one of the best crime writers in […]

Spider-Man Doesn’t Like the Taste of His Own Blood.

Avengers vs X-Men, Cyclops, Phoenix Five

Avengers vs X-Men “Round 9″ Review Easily the most exciting and stress driven Marvel comic on the market right now, the Avengers vs X-Men series has taken each hero, including the more powerful Phoenix Five, to their breaking point. One team member of the Phoenix Five, Namor, in attempts to single-handedly  destroy Wakanda and the Avengers in refuge […]

Juggernaut Statue from Bowen Designs!

juggernaut statue, juggernaut, cosmic comics

Look at this Juggernaut Statue, New This Week at Cosmic Comics! A Juggernaut Statue by Bowen Bowen Designs Sculpt! Cain Marko, the half-brother of powerful mutant telepath Charles Xavier, discovered a mystical gem in a Korean temple that gave him superhuman strength and stamina. Falling under the spell of Magneto, he became an implacable enemy of […]