The Beauty #1. Beauty Knows No Bounds

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The Beauty #1 review What if beauty was a disease? What if catching that disease meant having sex with an attractive person? Would you contract a sexually transmitted disease just to become “beautiful”? The Beauty #1 from Image Comics dives directly into these questions. The Beauty #1 is an intriguing story from Jeremy Haun and […]

Mercury Heat. Hot in Herre.

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Mercury Heat #1 review Ah yes, good ol’ Avatar Press is bringing you something that isn’t Uber or Crossed for a change. Mercury Heat #1 doesn’t fall far from their typical fair though, there’s still plenty of blood and destruction to go around. Mercury Heat #1 is coming from Kieron Gillen who most of you […]

Archie #1. Riverdale Welcomes You Back.

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Archie #1 review ARCHIE IS BACK! Ok, so he’s been back, or maybe he never really left, but let’s be honest, no one was reading Archie anymore, so much so that they killed off Archie of Life with Archie, so of course a reboot was in order. It’s the American way, and you’d be hard pressed […]

We Stand on Guard #1. Defend the North

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We Stand on Guard #1 review What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than writing a review about our invasion of Canada in the year 2112. I’m of course talking about Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Kroce’s We Stand on Guard from Image Comics. We Stand on Guard #1 starts off with a […]

Airboy #1. May Your Conscience Be Your Guide.

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Airboy #1 review Airboy, the 4 part mini-series written by James Robinson, penciled by Greg Hinkle and published by Image. That was the easy part of this whole review, the rest of it, well, it’s hard to explain. Bringing back a hero from the Golden Age of comics always sounds like a good idea, “sounds” […]

Let’s Talk About Fight Club 2

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Fight Club 2 review The first rule of Fight Club 2 is: We talk about Fight Club 2. Second rule of Fight Club 2: We talk about Fight Club 2. I wondered  a few times how many other authors wrote that same beginning to their Fight Club 2 review. I’d assume many but I’m too […]

Harrow County #1. Witches Debt.

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Harrow County #1 review There are many types of horror, each depicted in many different ways. I can use movies for the best examples since they’re typically more prevalent in pop culture than comic books, and because I can’t really think of any other than Tales from the Crypt and even that one was featured […]

Swords of Sorrow #1. You get a sword! And you get a sword!

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Swords of Sorrow #1 review Listen up cosmic nerd farmers, I was given three books to review over the past two weeks and I’ve ended up putting Swords of Sorrow #1 on the top of that list, unfortunately it’s much like your mom asking you to choose which vegetable you’d rather have between broccoli, brussel […]

Bloodshot Reborn #1. Resurrection of an Anti-Hero

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Bloodshot Reborn #1 review Bloodshot is among Valiant Comic’s many anti-heroes, and arguable the most known and recognizable. It’s a wonder why Valiant decided to nearly remove all of his “power” in The Valiant, their latest mini-epic that I reviewed in high regard thanks to Paulo Rivera’s fantastic art and Jeff Lemire’s story telling, and […]

Rick and Morty #1. Don’t Even Trip Dawg.

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Rick and Morty #1 review Sure I could review Marvels all new Uncanny Inhumans #000 by Charles Soule and Steve McNiven, not to be confused with every other “All-New” Marvel book it’s just Uncanny Inhumans and it randomly starts at #0. I really like the book by the way, Charles Soule is a fantastic writer […]

We Can Never Go Home #1. Indie Flavor.

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We Can Never Go Home #1 review This week I had the choice to review the newest chapter of Invincible or We Can Never Go Home #1. While they were both pretty great, We Can Never Go Home #1 connected to the things I like best in storytelling. I love the indie genre; film, music, […]

Spawn #250 and Al Simmons Resurrection

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Spawn #250 review Ah yes, Spawn, my childhood’s coming back in view already, the book that didn’t start it all but one I accepted as my favorite. I was nine or 10, those were better times. So Spawn #250 and Spawn: Resurrection are out, did you know that? Of course you did, it was kind […]