Say No to Space Colonies. Roche Limit #1

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Roche Limit #1 review Let’s all just come out and say that Roche Limit #1‘s story is essentially Bioshock in space. Oh, you don’t know what Bioshock is? You uncultured swine! Roche Limit #1 takes billionaire Langford Skaargard’s dream of an elite space colony and turns it into exactly what it would become when you […]

George Perez and his Sirens of Boom. Sirens #1 review

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Sirens #1 review George Perez, the man, the myth, and the Hawaiian shirt wearing legend brings his own spin to Boom with George Perez’s Sirens #1. Written and penciled by the man himself and being pushed heavily by Boom Comics, Sirens #1 is sure to be a smash hit, right? Right? I can’t and wont disrespect George […]

Copperhead #1. New Sherif in Town.

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Copperhead #1 review There’s a new Sherif in town, or Sheriff if you wan’t to be a dick about it, and that’s about how Sheriff Bronson, the newest officer of the law for the small dusty town of Copperhead is going to play it. For reasons unknown the hard headed and aggressive Bronson left (or […]

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0. Fun Size.

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Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0 review Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0: because every murder investigation deserves this dream team of antiheroes. Like a sitcom mixed with cop drama, Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0 delivers the dark with the funny. I don’t know what anyone else would really expect from this bunch, the cover essentially spells it out for […]

September 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

November 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

September Tournament Schedule 9/6 (8pm): Cosmic After Hours Presents: Keep What You Kill Entry Fee: Buy-in = $5 Re-buy = $5 Bulid Totals: Players = 400pt Teams Judges = 1500pts of figures Setup: 4 player multiplayer game on a 3×3 map. Each player will begin in a starting area. The judge’s force will be in the […]

Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1. Sweet Dreams.

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Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 review Many people know the Little Nemo name, or at least I think they do. The boy who famously traverses slumberland and dream worlds with his trusty bed. But when I saw Little Nemo: Return to Slumberland #1 from IDW on the shelves of Cosmic Comics!, I immediately asked […]

Terminal Hero #1. Not a Hero.

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Terminal Hero #1 review Dynamite may have a dark hero on their hands with Terminal Hero #1, that’s if you want to call it a hero at all. I’m pretty sure you get what the terminal means in Terminal Hero, unless you’re thinking like airport terminal, then you’re wrong. Brain tumors suck, I’d say they’re […]

Low #1. Pure Science Fiction Theater.

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Low #1 review Rick Remender takes you to new depths and beyond the twenty thousands leagues in Low #1, his newest Image Comics title. Low #1 is yet again another post apocalyptic comic book, and I know this seems like a beat down piece of subject matter, but I can assure you Remender’s take on […]

August 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

November 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

August Tournament Schedule 8/2: Guardians of the Galaxy Block 700pts You can only use figures & game elements from the following sets: GotG Movie Galatic Guardians Infinity Gauntlet OP Series (No Resource) Supernova Star Trek Tactics 8/9: Break the Rules: Relics Break the Rules: You can play multiple Relics 400pt Modern Age Extended Silver Age Relics […]

Zombie Tramp #1. It’s Exactly What You Think.

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Zombie Tramp #1 review Alright you delinquents, it’s about time I got to review some quality books around here and Zombie Tramp #1 fell right into my lap. If this book could give me a lap dance and then eat my face off, it totally would. Zombie Tramp is unlike any zombie you’ve ever seen. […]