Lumberjanes #1. Earn your Up All Night badge.

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Lumberjanes #1 review Popular web comic writer Noelle Stevenson teams up with Brooke Allen to bring the campy Lumberjanes #1 to Boom! Box. Honestly I’ve never heard of any of the people or publisher I just listed, these are all new to me, but if you’re a fan of Noelle Stevenson, then you’ve probably been […]

Batman Eternal #1. Gordon Fought the Law.

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Batman Eternal #1 review DC Comics isn’t finished promoting their “New 52″ books, as much as some people may tire of it, they are still finding ways to creatively sneak it into existence. Their newest adventure? Batman Eternal #1. Not only is Batman Eternal #1 in fact a New 52 title, it’s being released as […]

Inhuman #1. More Inhuman Than Human.

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Inhuman #1 Review Marvel has finally released the story arc to their highly anticipated Inhumanity book, but has Inhuman #1 come a little too late? Inhuman #1 comes months (5 to be exact) after the very heavy and deeply story driven Inhumanity book. For those who didn’t read Inhumanity #1, Black Bolt had essentially launched […]

April 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

April Tournament Schedule 4/5: Battle for the Power Plant TWO Power Plants with Disintegration Beam Rings will be handed out! 400pt Modern Age No Resources No Duo Figures The most expensive figure on your force has to be named Iron Man or Real Name Tony Stark Only one Iron Man/Tony Stark character is allowed per force Iron […]

All-New Ghost Rider #1 escalates quickly

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All-New Ghost Rider #1 review Marvel NOW! attempts to revitalize the most curious burning skull faced devil rider that’s ever graced the pages of a Marvel comic book in All-New Ghost Rider #1. Writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore want you to read this book asking if Ghost Rider is “Good or Evil” or […]

Veil #1. Spitting telepathic rhymes.

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Veil #1 Review Veil #1 from Dark Horse Comics is coming to you from the wonderful writer Greg Rucka (classic Batwoman fame) and artist Toni Fejzula. Veil is an unusual story, with Veil #1 actually leaving more questions than answers. An unnamed woman wakes up in some rat infested subway, rhymes her way to the […]

Magneto in the Raw. Magneto #1


Magneto #1 review We all know Magneto is a bad ass, everyone knows that, no one doubts that, but when you make a book dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend, everything almost becomes unbelievable. Magneto #1 is proof that you can make the most evil villain of villains seem eviler…eviler? Right! It does […]

Starlight #1. Millar boldly goes…

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Starlight #1 review Well, Mark Millar has done it again. Created then wrote some comic book I’d love to see as a movie, no, I want to see as a movie. At a distanced glance, Starlight #1 appears to be some Flash Gordon clone, but as you read each scene, take in each line, it proves […]

Fantastic Four #1. The fall.

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Fantastic Four #1 Review Indeed, the fall of the Fantastic Four. Sure, the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” hasn’t been the greatest, at least in my opinion, for quite some time, but nothing stops Marvel from rebooting the shit outa books that aren’t up to snuff, and Fantastic Four is one of the them. Fantastic Four […]

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

May Tournament Schedule 5/3: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 5/10: Break the Rules: Primes Break the Rules: Your team may include more than one Prime figure 600pt Modern Age No Tactics. Theme Teams allowed Your team must include at least one Prime figure The following figures are not allowed for this tournament: Brother Voodoo, Alyosha Kraven, Silver […]