Batman Eternal #1. Gordon Fought the Law.

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Batman Eternal #1 review DC Comics isn’t finished promoting their “New 52″ books, as much as some people may tire of it, they are still finding ways to creatively sneak it into existence. Their newest adventure? Batman Eternal #1. Not only is Batman Eternal #1 in fact a New 52 title, it’s being released as […]

Cosmic Comics! Holiday Traditions: Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas

The Pajama Elves made a stop by Cosmic Comics, with three new super DC inspired ladies pajama sets!  Start your Christmas Pajamas Shopping today! Every year on Christmas Eve, my mother has, without fail, presented me with a special pair of Christmas Pajamas.  The first time I remember receiving a pair, I was maybe four […]

Damian Son of Meh.

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Damian Son of Batman #1 of 4 Review It was inevitable, the death that shocked the DC universe couldn’t last longer than half a year. All be it this is a mini series, set in whatever timeline it wants to be in, the fact that DC couldn’t help themselves from cashing in on Damian’s death […]

Superman/Wonder Woman. Power Couple

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Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review The hottest new secret super couple to finally make kissie kissie on each other join forces and possibly discover mixing business with pleasure rarely ends on a positive note. Superman/Wonder Woman is also another team up book that involves Superman with another hot super hero. Villain month is over, and when […]

Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Series

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Harley Quinn Gets her own Monthly Title The New 52 has brought a lot of changes to DC Comics some good, some bad. Harley Quinn getting her own monthly series away from the Suicide Squad is the latest in a series of changes. The New 52 has brought a new focus on DC Comics’ long […]

Superheroes Missing From Forever Evil

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Forever Evil #1 What is evil? What is ultimately good? Can there be absolute evil without good? These were all questions that ran through my head as I read through the pages of DC Comics new Forever Evil book from Geoff Johns. Divulging too much into the stories plot would reveal huge spoilers, so just […]

Villains Month Starts Now!


DC’s Villains Month -September This Month DC Comics celbrates Villans Month. A full month of spot lighting the best villains of the New 52. This will also include special 3D motion covers for all Villains Month titles and the new Forever Evil Mini Series. Forever Evil The first universe-wide event of The New 52 begins […]

The Rise of Silver Age Comic Books

Spider Man Silver Age Comics

Superheroes are enjoying a rise in popularity lately. It seems every time you turn around, there is a new movie being made that features someone with inhuman powers that comes to the rescue of the human race. This certainly is not a new fad. Superheroes were first immortalized in comic books. These comics were popular […]

The Four Ages Of Comics Including Silver Age DC Comics For Sale


The general consensus of comic book readers and historians has established that there are four ages for comics. Each age is distinguished by the characters, drawings, plot lines, and even the size of the comic books. The four eras are divided into the Golden Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, and the Modern Age. Many believe […]

The History Of Silver Age Comic Books

Green Lantern Showcase

When you are browsing the racks at your local comic book store and happen upon Silver Age comic books for sale, you may wonder just what it is that makes them ‘silver’. The term ‘Silver Age’ refers to a general time period in which the comic books were originally available. The Silver Age is commonly […]