Cosmic After Hours Presents: The Flash HeroClix Midnight Release

Cosmic After Hours Presents: The Flash HeroClix Midnight Release”

Cosmic After Hours Presents: Be the first to get your The Flash Heroclix. Get ready for The Flash Midnight release on Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 starting 11:30pm until 4am. Stop by Cosmic Comics! for a Special 20% off Buy The Brick Sale only at the midnight release event!  Make sure you register online on the Wizkids Event System to guarantee you […]

The Rise of Silver Age Comic Books

Spider Man Silver Age Comics

Superheroes are enjoying a rise in popularity lately. It seems every time you turn around, there is a new movie being made that features someone with inhuman powers that comes to the rescue of the human race. This certainly is not a new fad. Superheroes were first immortalized in comic books. These comics were popular […]

Comical Satires Within Your Favorite Silver Age DC Comics for Sale

The Injustice League

Throughout the life of comics, there have been series that encompass certain characters, teams, and villains. This is what makes people collect comics. They can follow their favorite characters as they fight crime or be the crime makers. Some characters have been around for many years and collectors search the globe to find an entire […]

The Super Stars Of Silver Age DC Comics

The Super Stars Of Silver Age DC Comics

Are you a comic book fan? Do you collect comics, or know someone who does? If so, you may be on the lookout for some Silver Age DC comic books for sale. The Silver Age of comic books was a revolutionary time for the American comic book industry. From the late ‘50s to the early […]

Tips For Buying Silver Age DC Comic Books

Silver Age Flash and Superman

  Comic book collecting is a great hobby, and it has become very popular in recent years. The value of many comic books is increasing as the demand for certain items goes up, which is why it is important to make sure you are purchasing high quality products when you buy collector items. For example, […]

DC The New 52 Failures – Part III


tpull’s Corner tpull takes a look at DC The New 52 1 year later. Check out part 1 here to see how it began. DC The New 52 Continuity changes DC makes big announcements whenever they introduce a “diverse” character.  They make tons of loud noises about being sensitive, and try to put a politically […]

The Draw Of Silver Age Comics for Sale


Stories about superheroes seem to be everywhere these days which could explain the draw of silver age comics for sale. The movies are full of scripts depicting men and women with superpowers who come to the aid of mankind. This fascination with superheroes is certainly not new. These types of comics have gone in and […]

The Silver Age of Comics Part 1

silver age comics, cosmic comics!, detective comics #225

Welcome to the first installment of JOLLY JIM’S JIBBER JABBER! THE SILVER AGE I first heard the term Silver Age of Comics in late 1965. I was living in southern California and there had been of late a barrage of publicity on the soon to debut Batman TV show. One of the local stations was […]

Earth 2 and the Apokolips

Earth 2 and the Apokolips

Earth 2 #1 Review “The Price of Victory” As part of the ongoing “The New 52!” from DC, sporting the “A Different World! A Different Destiny!” slogan, Earth 2 #1 hit store shelves today. If the epic nature of the cover wasn’t enough for you,  then let it be told to you now, it looks […]