Free Comic Book Day 2014

Amazing Spider-Man, Free Comic Book Day 2014

It’s here again! The Best Day of the Year, FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! You know we have to outdo last year’s event with an even more massive celebration. This year will be the biggest and most fun yet. If you’ve never been to Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) then take a look at our past […]

Cosmic Comics! Says:Thank You for a Record Breaking Black Friday

Black Friday BAMF

Thanks to you guys, we had a record-breaking attendance Black Friday at Cosmic Comics! Showing up to any retailer before six a.m. makes you a trooper.  Showing up to a comic shop before six a.m. makes you a certified Bad Ass Mouther !, so shout-out to the seventy-five or so of you who waited in […]

Halloween ComicFest 2013 in Las Vegas at Cosmic Comics!


Halloween ComicFest 2013 like Free Comic Book Day in October Halloween Comicfest is Saturday October 26th and is great way to get kids reading. Think of it as a comic celebration during your Halloween festivities. If you have been to our Free Comic Book Day celebration in May and the year prior, you will have […]

Free Sketches From Local Artists at FCBD 2013

The 80s Kids Iron Man Limited Edition Print Sneak Peek

This is our last post before tomorrow’s big Free Comic Book Day 2013 celebration here at Cosmic Comics in Las Vegas and it is looking to be the best one in town! Check out what all we have in store for you! Thousands of FREE Comic Books Iron Man #1 from 1968 and Tales of Suspense #50 Give-Away […]

Get a FREE Iron Man HeroClix Figure at FCBD HeroClix Demos

Get a FREE Iron Man HeroClix Figure at FCBD HeroClix Demos

FREE Marvel HeroClix: Iron Man 3 Movie FCBD Promo Figure Tomorrow’s the big day! Free Comic Book Day 2013 is upon us and fans of HeroClix are in for a real treat. All day long Cosmic Comics will have two tables for FCBD HeroClix Demos and every demo participant will receive a FREE Marvel HeroClix: Iron […]

Natalie’s Iron Man 3 Review

Iron Man 3

A few days ago I got to attend the screening for Iron Man 3 thanks to being an employee of Cosmic Comics! As I was leaving the theatre I heard the inevitable “It was nothing like the comics” which I admittedly have no bias to since I never really read much into the Iron Man mythos. […]

Man Of Steel Early Screening


Man Of  Steel- Costume Contest Man Of Steel is one of the most anticipated films of the year. What better way to show your support than dress up as your Favorite Superman Character on Free Comic Book Day! We are giving one(1) lucky person the chance to win a Man Of Steel prize* that includes an early […]

Star Trek: Into Darkness FCBD Costume Contest


Win Seats to Star Trek Into Darkness Come as your Favorite Star Trek Character on Free Comic Book Day for your chance to win seats for an early screening of Star Trek Into Darkness. You Must be an obvious Star Trek Character and you get extra points if you make it J.J. Abrams style Star […]

Iron Man 3 Review

The Dork Knight's Iron Man 3 Review

The Dork Knight’s Iron Man 3 Review Good morning Internet! The Dork Knight has returned for another comic book movie review. This time, your dorky do-gooder got to see Iron Man 3 thanks to the awesome folks at Cosmic Comics! I was even fortunate enough to take Number One (my oldest son) with me too, but before […]

30 Second FCBD 2013 Promo Video

Cosmic Comics, FCBD

Check out this 30 Second Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2013 Promo Video from Fat Beard Studios highlighting our massive store-wide sale where everything, EXCEPT new comics, will be on sale from 20% to as much as 80% off and our Iron Man #1 from 1968 and Tales of Suspense #50 (The Mandarin’s first appearance) Give-Away. […]