April 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

April Tournament Schedule 4/5: Battle for the Power Plant TWO Power Plants with Disintegration Beam Rings will be handed out! 400pt Modern Age No Resources No Duo Figures The most expensive figure on your force has to be named Iron Man or Real Name Tony Stark Only one Iron Man/Tony Stark character is allowed per force Iron […]

Cosmic Comics & UNLV Game Club: International Tabletop Day to benefit Child’s Play

International Tabletop Day 2014

Be sure to join us on Saturday, March 15, 2014 from 12:30 PM until 7:45 PM for International Tabletop Day hosted by UNLV Game Club.  It’s going to be a fun-filled day of tabletop gaming, demos, and tournaments; UNLV Game Club has also prepared a Cosplay event and Raffle for later in the day.  All […]

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

May Tournament Schedule 5/3: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 5/10: Break the Rules: Primes Break the Rules: Your team may include more than one Prime figure 600pt Modern Age No Tactics. Theme Teams allowed Your team must include at least one Prime figure The following figures are not allowed for this tournament: Brother Voodoo, Alyosha Kraven, Silver […]

March 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule at Cosmic

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

March Tournament Schedule 3/1: ComicsPro No Tournament Scheduled 3/8: AvX Month 3 600pt Modern Age Marvel Universe game elements only Returning players keep the same declared keyword New players declare if you are fighting for Avengers or X-Men Min 300pts of your team has to have the declared keyword The most expensive figure on your […]

February 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

May 2014 HeroClix Tournament Schedule

February Tournament Schedule 2/1: LvLUP Expo No Tournament Scheduled 2/8: Fresno ROC Super Q Feeder 300pt Modern Age No Tactics Themed Team mechanics allowed NOTE: The House Highlander Rule is off for this tournament. NOTE: There are house rulings for Silver Centurion. See the event thread in the ROC forums for full details. Entry Fee: […]

Avengers vs X-Men HeroClix Tournament Schedule

Heroclix AvX Month 3

Avengers vs X-Men Heats Up This Winter! The Avengers vs X-Men Heroclix tournament series brings the Popular AvX comic story line to Cosmic Comics! Each player must choose sides and develop their team of either Avengers or X-Men over the four months of the series. Not only will you develop your own Avengers vs X-Men […]

Superman and The Legion of Super Heroes HeroClix Midnight Release


Cosmic After Hours Presents: Be the first to get your Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Heroclix. Get ready for the Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes Midnight release on Tuesday, February 11, 2014 starting 11:30pm until 4am. Stop by Cosmic Comics! for a Special 20% off Buy The Brick Sale only at the midnight release […]

The Royal Rumble 2014 HeroClix Tournament

Royal Rumble, Heroclix Tournament, Heroclix Las vegas

Cosmic After Hours Presents: Royal Rumble 2104 Saturday, January 25, 2014 starting at 8pm the Royal Rumble 2014 Heroclix tournament will begin! The Road to Wrestlemania begins at Cosmic Comics with the annual HeroClix Royal Rumble. All players enter the map one at a time Royal Rumble style until all have entered. It’s every man for himself and we […]

The Invincible Iron Man Heroclix Midnight release


Cosmic Comics After Hours- The Invincible Iron Man Heroclix The next full set of Marvel Heroclix is The Invincible Iron Man Heroclix. This new set features  60 figures of Iron Man’s friends and foes. The best news is WizKids has returned to a 5 figure per booster format, no super-boosters for this set. This set […]

Halloween ComicFest 2013 in Las Vegas at Cosmic Comics!


Halloween ComicFest 2013 like Free Comic Book Day in October Halloween Comicfest is Saturday October 26th and is great way to get kids reading. Think of it as a comic celebration during your Halloween festivities. If you have been to our Free Comic Book Day celebration in May and the year prior, you will have […]