Inhuman #1. More Inhuman Than Human.

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Inhuman #1 Review Marvel has finally released the story arc to their highly anticipated Inhumanity book, but has Inhuman #1 come a little too late? Inhuman #1 comes months (5 to be exact) after the very heavy and deeply story driven Inhumanity book. For those who didn’t read Inhumanity #1, Black Bolt had essentially launched […]

All-New Ghost Rider #1 escalates quickly

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All-New Ghost Rider #1 review Marvel NOW! attempts to revitalize the most curious burning skull faced devil rider that’s ever graced the pages of a Marvel comic book in All-New Ghost Rider #1. Writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore want you to read this book asking if Ghost Rider is “Good or Evil” or […]

Magneto in the Raw. Magneto #1


Magneto #1 review We all know Magneto is a bad ass, everyone knows that, no one doubts that, but when you make a book dedicated to the man, the myth, the legend, everything almost becomes unbelievable. Magneto #1 is proof that you can make the most evil villain of villains seem eviler…eviler? Right! It does […]

Fantastic Four #1. The fall.

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Fantastic Four #1 Review Indeed, the fall of the Fantastic Four. Sure, the “World’s Greatest Comic Magazine” hasn’t been the greatest, at least in my opinion, for quite some time, but nothing stops Marvel from rebooting the shit outa books that aren’t up to snuff, and Fantastic Four is one of the them. Fantastic Four […]

New Warriors are new to me.

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New Warriors #1 review Who are the New Warriors? Who is this rag tag super hero bunch? I’m asking you, I really don’t know. I don’t even know any of their names. Ok, that’s a lie, I do know who Scarlet Spider is, wow, and Nova. To inform those who aren’t informed, such as myself […]

Winter Soldier. Fury Espionage.

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Winter Soldier #1 review Winter Soldier just in time for Captain America: Winter Soldier. I assume though that this storyline has little to nothing to do with the upcoming movie. Winter Soldier #1 “The Bitter March” also has little to do with the Winter Soldier himself. I’d actually call it more of a Nick Fury […]

The Punisher #1.NOW or whatever.

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The Punisher #1 review The Punisher is back! Well at least back to an ongoing series. So it isn’t exactly The Punisher #1.NOW, but I didn’t know how to put it. The Punisher #1 of 2014 just sounds to generic. If I had a dollar for every Punisher #1 I’ve read I’d have like… okay, […]

Black Widow #1. Phil. Effing. Noto.

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Black Widow #1 review What more can be said than the title of this review. Phil f..king Noto. Holy gawd does that man slay it. I was looking at every page, engaged in every scene, taken back by the contrasting colors chosen, just in awe at what I was seeing. With all that being said, […]

Hulk get’s smashed in Marvel Knights HULK.

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The newest Marvel Knights series have been very enjoyable. X-Men went into the dirty south and found much more than what they were looking for, and Spider-Man ended up being one of favorite comics of the year, not that I had higher expectations of MK Hulk, but the pressure was definitely on for it to […]

Marvel Knights X-Men and the US Luge team on Valiant’s Unity. This weeks reviews.

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First off we’ve got another Marvel Knights for you. Marvel Knights X-Men if the title of the post didn’t spoil that one for you. MK X-Men distances itself from the larger portion of the Marvel universe, but still maintains the “searching for new mutants” story arc. Wolverine, Kitty, and Rogue are perfect for this book, […]