Superior Spider-Man is a Pompous A-Hole.

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Superior Spider-Man #1 Review “Hero or Menace?” After the tragic and unfortunate end of The Amazing Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man was born,with the body of Spider-Man, but the mind and temperament of one Otto Octavius. To be, or not to be Peter Parker, that is the question: Whether it’s nobler in the brilliant mind to suffer, the […]

Morbius Midnight Son

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Morbius #1 Review “Midnight Son” So… Marvel NOW! and it’s infinite wisdom gave the living vampire, Morbius his own book, despite how you feel about it. And despite the preview in The Amazing Spider-Man #699.1, they decided to recap his sob story again in this issue. Morbius leaves his superhero filled city in search of […]

The Amazing Spider-Man Behind the Scenes Featurettes

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Here are some cool The Amazing Spider-Man Behind the Scenes Clips I’ve found from my late night YouTubing. Hope you enjoy them. The Amazing Spider-Man Behind the Scenes Featurette Video Description: The Amazing Spider-Man is the story of Peter Parker (Garfield), an outcast high schooler who was abandoned by his parents as a boy, leaving […]

Spider-Man Debuted During The Silver Age Of Comics

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There are many silver age comics for sale at Cosmic Comics! and many stories you can choose from, but with all of the excitement surrounding the upcoming Spider-Man movie franchise reboot, The Amazing Spider-Man, if you are looking for silver age comics for sale, one of the most collectible comics of this period is the one […]

Spider-Man, Spider-Man….

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We got a big announcement to make about the up coming Amazing Spider-Man film from Sony Pictures. We are teaming up with Brenden Theatre for their midnight release event and not so midnight 7pm showing of Amazing Spider-Man. If you haven’t bought tickets come down and see us we will be there all night and get […]

Spider-Men #1. Amazing Meets Ultimate.

Spider-Men #1. Amazing Meets Ultimate.

Spider-Men #1 Review Spider-Men is the inevitable meeting of the two Spider-Man universes. The Peter Parker Spider-Man expresses his love for New York City as he does his usual rounds of keeping the peace. Off in the distance there’s an explosion of brilliant light that demands his attention. While investigating, Spider-Man tangles with a well […]

The Amazing Spider-Man 4 Minute Super Preview

The Amazing Spider-Man 4 Minute Super Preview

Here’s The Amazing Spider-Man 4 Minute Super Preview that aired during the May 14th episode of America’s Got Talent. The Amazing Spider-Man stars Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, Rhys Ifans as Dr. Connors and Denis Leary as Captain Stacy. The untold story begins in theaters July 3, 2012.