Thor: The Dark World – The Essential Reading List

Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World Reading list We’re all anxiously counting down the next few weeks at the shop, while we wait for Thor: The Dark World to be released in theaters.  And while that clock is still ticking, we have just enough time to catch up on the ESSENTIAL THOR READING LIST – Everything you’ll want to […]

Thor. Greatest God EVAR!!!

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Thor #1 Review “A World Without Gods” Thor had a good run last year, in my opinion anyways, but with Marvel NOW! shaking things up, the now series with the newest creative team is underway. Thor is starting a five part series meekly titled, The God Butcher. The first book amply named “A World Without […]

Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies are back in stock!

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Tokid0ki Marvel Frenzies are back in stock at Cosmic Comics! We’ve been sold out of the cute little Tokidoki Marvel Frenzies for a few month’s now and the result has not been pretty. Distraught customers have been roaming in almost daily looking more like zombie’s from AMC’s The Walking Dead than happy comic fans. Fret […]

Meet Bulldog!

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Matthew Vasquez aka BULLDOG Marketing Maestro Bulldog comes from a long line of Trekkies so it is no surprise that science fiction has always been a part of his life. He was introduced to comic books by an uncle of his who loved Thor and Thanos and that same uncle’s original silver age comic book […]

What We’re Reading This Week 6-20


We’ve been talking a lot about Before Watchmen. Why? Because it is a unique one of a kind event. This week is extremely exciting! The first of 2 titles written by Brian Azzarello is here. Before Watchmen: Comedian is sure to be the darkest story yet in the Watchmen series, only second to Rorschach. For […]

Harley Quinn: New and Improved? Not So Much…

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I realize this specific topic has been run into the ground… be it both the positive and the negative responses to DC’s new reboot of Harley Quinn, everyone’s favorite crazy-in-love villainess; however, now that I have the platform to do so I am going to throw in my two-cents on the topic. Harley isn’t exactly […]

New Comics

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Marvel is still riding high from the Avengers film. This week comes another episode in the Avengers vs X-Men story line. An epic battle between a God and a force of nature. Does Thor have the power to turn back the Phoenix before it comes to earth? See what the rest of the Avengers and […]

Avengers Pandemonium!

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With Avengers being the biggest thing since sliced bread. We thought you might like to see some of the cool Avengers stuff Cosmic Comics! has to offer. #GetYourFix at Cosmic Comics!

The Making of Mjölnir

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I decided that for the upcoming Avengers movie release & Cosmic Comic’s Free Comic Book Day event I would be cosplaying as female version of Thor. Upon this decision I looked online to purchase a Mjölnir since I figured a month was not enough time to forge the weapon of the God of Thunder. I quickly discovered many […]

Free Comic Book Day is Saturday!

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This Saturday, May 5th, Cosmic Comics! will be part of an international effort to bring focus on reading and Comic Books. Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) has been growing in size for 11 years. This year will be the biggest yet with 2 of the largest comic book based films to be released, The Avengers […]

The Avengers Movie Review

The Avengers Movie Review, Cosmic Comics, Las Vegas

I was lucky enough to get one of the highly anticipated, highly coveted The Avengers screening passes from the awesome guys over at Cosmic Comics! along with my good friend Danny from Fat Beard Studios, who invited me in the first place. :)  Now I will be the first to admit that even I worried about this movie […]

Last Chance to Win Avengers Tickets!!!

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Last Chance to see the Avengers Early! The passes are to Tuesdays’ Screening of the Avengers in 3D at Regal Red Rock Stadium 16 & IMAX MAy 1st at 7pm. Be there early to make sure you get tickets and good seats. Here’s why you want to see this movie! You must answer the trivia […]